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Student and Parent Reviews

"My kids all have had a wonderful time learning at the feet of Dustin.  He truly has a gift to teach and understand children.  I've been thoroughly impressed.-Stasha W. Fallbrook, CA 8/27/19


"My children have been fortunate enough to have had Dustin guide them through the many stages of their experience as pianists. Having coached them for over 7 years now, he took them from being just competent students to another level. I have watched their technique grow from a more robotic, 2 dimensional style of playing, to a much higher and professional  level, as Dustin taught them the delicate nuances of playing with feeling over just following what’s on the sheet music. 5 of those years have been weekly lessons over Skype, and it’s remarkable how effective this has turned out.   Not only is Dustin a unique and talented teacher, but also a masterful performing pianist in his own right." - Steve F. Nashville, TN  5/19/19

"Dustin has taught our daughter for about four years now. She had two previous teachers, both very good but Dustin has brought her to another level entirely. She attributes this to his ability to explain things in multiple different ways, so that her understanding of music theory has greatly improved. She also says he gives her great exercises that tie back directly to the particular piece she's working on. As parents, we find him to be unfailingly calm, organized, and personable. Although he has successfully prepared our daughter for high school and college level auditions, we would wholeheartedly recommend him to any level of piano student including young children just starting out. He's outstanding." - Renee S. Huntington Beach, CA 7/28/19

"I’ve had Dustin Callahan for a teacher for about 7 to 8 years now and I have thoroughly benefited from his tutelage. He is a fantastic teacher who is patient and is willing to work with his students and their musical interests while also building a foundation for their musical future. In the time I have had him as a teacher I feel that I have greatly benefited as a student in my musical growth, ability, and expanding my musical interests. I also greatly appreciate the ability I have developed under his tutelage to shape the music that I love to play. He himself is also a fantastic and emotional piano player who knows how to take a piece of sheet music and uplift it into and emotional experience." - Christian J. San Pedro, CA 5/17/19

"Dustin has been working with my son Austin, who had no prior experience in piano, for over a year now. Dustin is a very caring and patient teacher and has provided a wonderful learning platform from which Austin has really thrived. Even though Austin is only 7, Dustin treats Austin with a certain level of respect where no question from Austin goes unanswered or no comment from Austin goes unheard. And I think this approach opens up Austin's willingness to learn. I am very happy with how fast Austin has picked up the piano, but most importantly how much he really loves it. I attribute a lot of this to how Dustin teaches." - Melania C. Westminster, CA 10/2/19

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